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An introduction to the machine, workout positions and experience. A 30 minute class designed specifically for newcomers! 

Sweat 45

The original 45 minute, high intensity workout that takes place on our proprietary cross-trainers with a heavy, weighted flywheel and light weight work series. 


Coming 2020!

*Certain restrictions apply, contact us for more details at or 203-344-1193. 

Strength 50

Less cardio and more strength! A muscle building and conditioning class focusing on high repetitions and light weight. Exercises will utilize a mixture of dumbbells and body weight to sculpt and define arms, back, legs and glutes. Classes will also contain an intensive abdominal/core component.

Stretch 50

Less cardio with a boost of stretch! A class that emphasizes the deep and juicy stretch of all major muscles and connective tissues through a series of slow movements and breath awareness. We seek ways to release tightness in your body, whether it’s in your hips and shoulders or hamstrings and quads. We end the class with relaxing, resting pose to prepare your body and mind for the new week!

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